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Who belongs to the Village at Beckett Ridge (VBR) Association?

All who own a condominium within the Village at Beckett Ridge community.

How is the Village at Beckett Ridge Association governed?

The Association is governed by a five member Board of Trustees. Each Trustee is a member of the Association and is elected to the Board by the Association’s membership. Board terms are for two years and open Board positions are filled each year at the annual meeting.

Who is eligible to serve on the VBR Board?

All condominium owners in good standing are eligible to run for the Board. Details will be posted prior to an election including nomination forms.

What are the responsibilities of the Board?

The Board is responsible for administering the Association’s rules and policies; maintaining the Association’s common areas, landscaping, lighting and irrigation; preparing the Association’s annual budget, and determining the annual Association fee.

When does the VBR Board meet?

The Board meets monthly January thru October on the fourth Thursday of the month and when a November meeting is held it normally is the third Thursday of the month. Unless an announcement is posted the meetings are held at the VBR clubhouse. Meeting times are posted on the VBR web site. All residents are welcome to attend the “Open session”.

When is the annual (Election night) Village at Beckett Ridge owners’ meeting?

The annual meeting is held the fourth Thursday of April. Two notices are sent to Owners prior to the meeting. Owners are encouraged to participate by running for an open Board position or voting for a candidate in person or by ballot or by proxy.

Who can rent the clubhouse?

All unit owners in good standing may sign a contract to rent the clubhouse. Unit owners may also sign a contract and take full responsibility for their renter if the renter wishes to book the clubhouse. Our website has all the contract agreement information and may be booked thru the event calendar. See the VBR web site for details.

Can I buy or sell thru the web site?

There is a classified button on the web and you may request approval to submit an ad. See the classified listing on the web for further details.

I have a complaint about my neighbor. What should I do?

The Association does not get involved in neighbor-to-neighbor issues. If your neighbor is doing something you don’t like, the best thing to do is to TALK to your neighbor.

I want to report a possible Association rules violation. What should I do?

All violations must be submitted via the Association’s Violation Report Form on the VBR web site. If the complaint is a valid rules violation, the Association will send the appropriate violation correspondence to the Owner. No anonymous complaints or emails will be accepted.


How does the Beckett Ridge Association handle delinquent accounts?

The Association follows the VBR Collection Policy for delinquent accounts. This includes adding late fees on any unpaid Beckett Ridge account. Delinquent accounts older than 60 days will be subject to additional collection actions including use of a collection agency, Small Claims Court, filing of a lien or foreclosure action. Repeated late payments will NOT be tolerated

What is the purpose of the access (amenity) cards?

The purpose is to restrict our facilities to those who do NOT live in our community. You may have 2 guests maximum per unit but your visitors may not use your access card to gain entry for themselves. The access card identifies users as they scan into the pool area, exercise room, pool table room and tennis courts (tennis court will be added in 2018). All areas requiring access cards have rules and regulations posted and violations will result in the loss of your access card. Access cards MUST be on your person at all times when using access card required areas. If you forget your access card you will not have access until you return with your card to enter.

Who can use the tennis courts, exercise room, pool table room or game room?

All residents of VBR in good standing who are 18 years of age may utilize these specific areas with use of their personal access cards.

NOTE: There is an age exception for pool access. See pool rules on the VBR web site.

Do I need to complete an improvement application request to have a satellite dish installed?

Yes, prior to ordering you must request approval in this case and also any exterior improvement or add on. An additional notice you need to be aware of is if you decide at a later date you no longer want the dish or if you are planning on moving it is your responsibility to contact your dish supplier and at your cost to have it removed. If this is not done we will forward any associated cost to you.

Can any resident issue a work order and what is the process?

Go to VBR website under community forms to find maintenance request form.

Why is there an extra HOA payment each year?

The common greenspace area is actually owned by Big Beckett so in effect it is a once a year rental charge which is paid by VBR residents to Big Beckett.

Is there anything we can do to assure new residents are aware of the rules we live by?

Towne Properties sends a “Welcome package” to new residents” which includes a hard copy of the VBR handbook and secondly an electronic copy is located on the VBR web site.

What is the process when my neighbor causes damage to my unit?

It is the owner’s responsibility to address the issue with their neighbor.

How does a resident replace a lost access card key?

Contact Towne Properties. There is a charge of 75.00 dollars.

How can we make residents aware that there are volunteer positions so they can become active in the community?

In one of the newsletters let residents know they can attend a monthly meeting to express an interest or they can click on “contact us” button on the web site to volunteer.

Who is responsible?

HOA    Foundation

HOA    Door frames

HOA    Window frames

HO      All glass surfaces

HO      Storm & screen window maintenance & replacement

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